Solar Roofs Program in 1-10 KW.

•    On roofs

•    On roofs

•    In shelters

Take advantage of the sun systems Alexakis Energy and get a complete package which includes all the necessary equipment that you will become an immediate green energy producer with a double profit!

Solar Parks

In so far installed and fully operational parks throughout the Greek territory (Lamia, Chalkidiki, Kozani, Patras, Tripoli and elsewhere), and numerous parks in the order of megawatts to be located at the implementation stage, the excellent engineers Alexakis Energy know how to ensure robustness and resistance to solar system. Installing sun tracking systems (trackers) or fixed bases from high strength aluminum alloys minimize the surface coverage on the site, and you are increasing the yield per square meter.

Autonomous Systems

We may cover the entire energy needs by installing photovoltaic and / or wind turbine and a battery unit and a voltage converter. These systems allow the full matching without the use of generators.

Supplied by the manufacturing companies within only positive deviation 0 to +3% of rated power;; has over 500 installed systems in Greece which operate independently 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by 1997.

Why choose us:

•   Supply of equipment exclusively from European factories

•   Supervision, coordination and implementation of projects with "turnkey"

•   Competitive pricing coupled with top products

The experienced engineers of Alexakis Energy, in combination with the latest equipment and software, provide a thorough research of the solar system with detailed three-dimensional simulation of the operation, taking into account the unique environment of each site. Using a large database that includes all kinds of solar, geographical and meteorological records, we create an accurate prediction about the performance of photovoltaic systems.

More specifically, each project includes estimates of wiring losses, the actual loss of PV and the loss angle of incidence of sunlight and the losses due to shading, thus providing large amounts of valuable information. Finally carry out a detailed economic assessment, depending on how the investment is chosen by each customer, for greater efficiency and faster depreciation of the capital.


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