Alexakis Energy enterprise was founded in 1997 (15 years experience in the field of renewable energy installations) by George  Alexakis , an electrical engineer  and vocational training  professor, one of the pioneers of  solar and wind systems in Greece.d.


The increasing energy demand by industries and households combined with the reduction of energy reserves of the earth (coal, lignite, oil and natural gas) makes renewable energy and hydrogen engine, one way to solve the energy problems the next decades. Our country may not be rich in energy resources like coal, oil and lignitis but has a strong wind and solar resources, which necessitates the use of Renewable Energy.
Purpose and occupation of Alexakis Energy is the latest technology in renewable energy research, design and construction.

Company Action

Alexakis Energy is a company which manufactures autonomous and interconnected to the grid power systems taking advantage of the sun and wind.
The first systems were installed in homes that were not connected to the grid and operate autonomously for up to 24 hours today in 24 hours without stopping and completely independent of the network of PPC
In the last year several interconnected systems installed in homes that produce 'green' kWh the only channel in the network of PPC while the owner buys from PPC The selling price of kWh in PPC is 0,495 Euro / kWh, while the producer buys at 0,11 Euro / kWh. With the difference in pricing is possible by installing low-power system to cover all accounts a household for at least twenty-five years, under contract with DEI and DESMHE.
Overall recent years installed and operated over 500 systems in Greece by our company.

Latest Projects


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