Photovoltaic Panels


Based in Alsace, France, Voltec Solar is a manufacturer of very high quality solar collectors. The use of optimal quality ingredients and an ultra-modern production line, where the expertise of our employees can be put to good use, so that the Voltec  Solar is able to utilize the many advantages of: manufacturing excellence competitively priced and positioned in the heart Europe.

Voltec Solar was founded by a group of shareholders with significant experience in manufacturing, which are used to tackle an ambitious new challenge - the Voltec Solar in a European benchmark for the design and manufacture of solar panels.

The company was founded in November 2009, with production already from March 1, 2010 to state-of-the-art facilities. With financial support amounting to tens of millions, the Voltec Solar focuses all the material and human resources for a progressive and sustainable development for the growth in the year 2012.

Specifications: Voltec Tarka Classic



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Pallini, Athens

Telephone:  +30 210 6034720
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E-mail: info@alexakisenergy.gr



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