Inverters (Network)


The German company SMA was founded in 1981 and is the global leader in the development and production of photovoltaic converters (inverters) and provides important technological innovations for future energy supply structures. The SMA is represented in 19 countries with the inverters have been used in over 30,000 solar systems, ensuring high reliability and safety. As a market leader in solar inverter,

SMA determines continuously benchmark: The leading efficiency of up to 99% and new technologies ensure maximum performance and highest user friendliness.
The SMA has a wide range of products provides the inverter for each type of each class and power: for small-scale installations on residential rooftops and solar farms to large scale. Complete product portfolio products for monitoring and imaging facilities and energy management solutions.
The SMA won the European Energy Award for 2007.

Specifications: Sunny Boy , Sunny Tripower



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