Wind turbines type Inclin designed to work completely independently and in parallel with PV systems. The combination of a mixed solar / wind energy system ensures a stable power generation in almost all weather conditions. Wind turbines Inclin cover a power range from 600 to 6000 Watt, each designed to meet basic energy needs.

Wind turbines Inclin are produced under the supervision of a strict quality control system and is very durable. Their design and construction based on more than 30 years experience. The most common applications are: small houses, industrial buildings, farms, telecom transmitters, aid stations, lighting Municipalities, water pumping, etc.

Wind turbines Inclin can be easily installed in any kind of tissue or tower and resisting torques generated. Made from high quality materials and are protected by antioxidant metallic paint covered by anti-corrosion paint. All products are guaranteed Inclin for many years running. Maintenance undertaken by Alexakis Energy is very simple and includes two (2) annual supervisory control of moving parts and tighten screws.

The fins are made of fiberglass and carbon fiber and provide an excellent performance and durability. Together with a sensitive security system create a sleek look and quiet operation that can adapt to any environment.

Warranty: 3 years.

"Alexakis Energy is the exclusive distributor of wind turbine Bornay in Greece"

Specifications: Bornay



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