Inverters Standalone / Network


Asp is a Swiss manufacturer of inverters (inverters), the main feature of which is the high degree of reliability and excellent performance at various temperatures.
The public electricity grid has a sinusoidal shape voltage flow, which is defined as a sinusoidal voltage. The ASP series inverters provide electrical consumption the same or better quality sinusoidal voltage

than that of the public network.

Asp produces a wide range of inverters (inverters), so that it can serve the needs of every consumer offering:
• Actually sinusoidal voltage
• Protection against overload and short circuit
• High efficiency
• Galvanic isolation
• Fan controlled by temperature and load

Specifications: Top Class 15 , Top Class 35



L.Marathonos 229, 15351
Pallini, Athens

Telephone:  +30 210 6034720
Fax: +30 210 6034880




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